I want to powerfully suggest that you set yourself up with a twice a year service for your HVAC.  Just like a regular service for your car it can keep your system running more efficiently and longer.  So call a local HVAC service company and get set up for an inspection and cleaning twice a year. As dull as that sounds, that should be enough, but… I will go on.


You see the HVAC is the system that circulates your air (remember, real estate agent, not HVAC technician terms) throughout your house and hopefully heats it and cools it depending on the time of year.


Your first job is changing the filters in the house on a regular basis, then having the experts come in and clean the other dirt and hair and gunk that collects on the various parts of the system, slowing the process.  Then the system gets overworked becoming less efficient and effective. 


In addition to the junk I have already talked about, bacteria can also start to build up in that moist hairy gunky mess.


The outside component of your HVAC system can also get clogged up.  Of course it can, it is outside. If you have not looked at the outside unit it has a big fan that is pretty important to the operation.  If it gets clogged, or rusted, or broken, then forget it. And remember, if it is going to break down, it will happen at the worst times.


Professionals suggest having the system serviced twice a year is sufficient to keep this marvel of the modern age working to keep us comfortable in our own homes.  Do as they suggest to keep the system working properly and efficiently. Do this and it will cost you less money in the long run.


Have a great day!