When buying and selling real estate in Bluffton and Hilton Head Island SC you will probably have to deal with an HOA or POA.  An HOA is the Homeowners Association also referred to as a POA or Property Owners Association. When making a purchase it is important to find out what fees you will be paying on a yearly or monthly basis and what those fees are actually funding.


Fees generally pay for the maintenance and improvements of common areas and amenities — such as pools, exercise rooms and clubhouses — and sometimes for things like social events, security and insurance.” - Nerdwallet  LINK.


When selling real estate there may be fees associated with the closing that are the seller’s responsibility unless negotiated away in the real estate purchase agreement.


When interacting with the HOA you will likely go through a management company that has the responsibility of enforcing the HOA rules and collecting the fees involved with the association.  Find out the contact for the management company and make sure you ask them what your responsibilities as a homeowner will entail prior to making your purchase. That way you can avoid any problems that may occur after you have already become a homeowner.


Ask your real estate agent to get you in touch with the association and the management company when figuring out where you are going to purchase.  Loving where you live also means understanding what you are responsible for monetarily and what rules you must follow.


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